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15 Ways to Use an Awkward Corner

Have an empty corner in your home? Not sure how to use it? (besides a pile of clutter of course!) Scroll down for inspiration and tips to spruce up that awkward corner.

Awkward or empty corner spaces may be daunting to decorate or utilize without proper direction. Sometimes, a little inspiration is all you need. There's a solution for budgets big and small!

A good place to start is to think about what your home is lacking. Is it storage? Fresh greenery? Extra seating?

Jump right to the inspiration you need!


Extra Seating

An empty corner is a prime spot for a reading nook, or just extra seating for guests. Keep it cozy with a throw blanket and pillow and if possible, a small side table to hold your coffee, wine or current reading material! Be sure to keep it practical with a table lamp or floor lamp if additional lighting is needed.

Corner Gallery Wall

Create a gallery wall to add personality to your space. Mix and match prints or try going monochromatic with all black and white photographs. The options are endless and totally customizable to your home and taste.

Thrifty Tip: is an excellent resource for a wide variety of digital artwork files. Most files are usually under $10 (depending on the size). You then have the option of printing it on premium paper, canvas, etc. at your local print shop or Staples/Kinkos etc.. Head to the thrift stores to scoop up some frames at super low prices.

Tight Corner Table

Add visual interest to a small empty corner space with a table. Dress it with greenery/florals, candles, lighting or a decorative bowl that can hold your keys or other daily grabs. Sometimes this little touch will make a space look more balanced, put together and complete.

Command Center

Get organized with a command center! This is a great place for your mail, keys, bags, calendar, shopping list & notes. The middle picture above depicts a beautiful and clean esthetic for a command center with a painted faux architectural shape as a backdrop. Take inspiration from this by taping off the shape you desire (and appropriate size for your space) and roll or brush in the accent color that speaks to you and your home. Feeling crafty? You can can create a similar look with peel & stick wallpaper. Just be sure to choose a wallpaper color or pattern that is subtle enough to allow your command center accessories to pop!

Corner Floor Lamp

Add a floor lamp not just for ample lighting but also for a nice layered look, styled with height. There are so many styles out there and you can find them at any price point. Floor lamps are not only functional to our everyday lives, they may prove to be a beautiful and artful accent that the space needs.

Tight Corner Workspace

If a full blown home office or gaming center is not needed or desired, creating a little nook like the examples above will not only elevate your space but serves the practical purpose when just a computer is essential or space to do homework is needed. Personalize the space with art, a comfy chair and extra lighting if needed.

Corner Hanging Plants

Connect with nature using biophilic design and incorporate fresh greenery in your home. House plants can improve air quality, reduce stress, improve your sense of well-being as well as support cognitive health. Who wouldn't want that? Add height and personal style with a hanging plant for your bare space. Just be sure it will be able to receive the necessary sunlight your particular plant(s) need.

Bar or Coffee Nook

Whatever your fancy, create a nook that works with your lifestyle. Keep your daily go-to organized and convenient while adding that personal touch to the space. Perhaps your kitchen or dining room is a little tight on space. No plumbing, no problem. Add the dry bar of your choice and enjoy making your favorite drink in style.

Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors are an excellent choice for multiple spaces in your home. Need a full view in the morning before heading off to work? How about a quick once-over before heading out the door.

Does your space lack enough natural sunlight? Using mirrors to reflect opposing sun or indoor lights for that matter, will help create additional illumination the space may need.

If it's pure esthetics that you're after, floor mirrors tend to lend an elegant or sophisticated look to a space. Style advice: head over to Pinterest for additional floor mirror inspiration and find the style that suits your home.

Corner Banquette / Breakfast Nook

Oh yes, that so-called "eat-in-kitchen" label on the real estate listing deceived you. So you thought. The average chair needs at least 24" or more in order to have space to pull it out, push it in and comfortably sit. Benches allow more seating flexibility than individual chairs. This is especially true for families with children as one bench could seat three or more small children as opposed to having multiple chairs per side for a dining table.

Creating a corner banquette has never been easier as the availability of options and price points are abundant. You'll find options from Home Depot to Serena & Lily. Create a cozy breakfast nook for morning coffee, a homework zone or just as extra seating for entertaining.

Corner Shelving / Corner Bookcase

Another way to add height to your space with the added benefit of a storage solution! Shelving is an opportunity to show your personal style while displaying the things you love.

Style hint: Stack and group your items in odd numbers and varying heights to create a balanced staggering effect.

Pet Corner / Pet Nook

Our fur babies deserve a sanctuary as much as we do and it's our job to provide that for them. This may be as simple as a super cozy, plush bed and a soft blanket they love in their little nook in the home. Bonus feature - add a small basket of their favorite toys nearby or a fun cat tree for accessible activities.

Plant & Accessory Ladders

Add an accessory ladder in your bedroom or large closet to hold your scarves. Add one to your living area as a decorative but functional way to store your extra throw blankets. Place one in your bathroom to store towels. So many ways fun ways to incorporate accessory ladders!

If Biophilic design is more your style, adding another plant stand to your personal haven is rarely a bad idea. Refer to the "Corner Hanging Plants" section above for the benefits of adding plants in your home.

Corner Fish Tank

This corner idea is for the fish enthusiasts. Are beautiful, exotic fish your thing? This might be the unique way you can add life and color to your space. Please note; while having a fish tank is wonderous to gaze at, be prepared for the maintenance required to keep your fish healthy and the tank looking beautiful. Bottom line - don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and create a glowing environment for your fish and your home.

Privacy Screen

Privacy screen. Room divider. Outdoor plant screen. Makeshift closet or dressing area. Wall art? Why not? If you like the idea of using one as a backdrop, you might also like hanging drapes if budget is your game! Be sure to install your rod all the way up for this one to create a polished look.


There you have it - 15 ways to fill your awkward corner & empty space. I hope you found something that resonates with you and your home!

Still need help with the rest of the space? Head over to Designlyst's e-design packages and get the help you need. Designlyst offers virtual design services at an affordable rate!

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