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Q.  What is the difference between a design board, a room board and a mood board?

A.  A "design board" shows suggested items for a project.  Items may be seen in a grid format and/or in groupings with other suggested items to give an idea of how to arrange them with each other. 

A "room board" is an actual picture of your room with the suggested items proposed and loosely laid out in the space within your picture.  With designlyst, you have the choice between a design board and a room board.  (excludes Starter Package)  

A "mood board" is simply an inspiration board with colors, textures and styles that convey a feeling or mood of a future space.  Specific items for a project are not always used here, as it is usually the beginning of the design process. 


Q.  What does a "round of revisions" mean?

A.  Depending on the design package you choose, each proposed item shown on the initial design or room board may be selected the first go around, however you may also opt to see another option for certain items.  Each first round item is eligible in the "Starter" and "Refresh" packages.  An additional round of revisions is included in the "Upgrade" package.

Interior Design Objects


Q.  Does the 3D rendering show every single    item selected?

A.  Yes and no.  As of 2021, there are 27,782 furniture store companies in the U.S. alone.  Unfortunately, not all companies provide 360° formats or views on every item.  If any of your selected items in the "Upgrade" package do not have this function available yet, we will use a placeholder item in your 3D rendering and color top-down views of the space.  For example, you selected a gray desk.  The placeholder item will be similar in color and scaled to size of the actual item.  There are other exceptions such as certain wall treatments (wall papers, architectural details) flooring and décor; same rule applies.  These details will be mocked up as well.   


Q. What are your design service timelines?

A.  Depending on the size of your project, our services are completed in 1-3 short weeks!  Product delivery times will vary depending on when you purchase each item, the item lead time and/or stock levels.

Q.  What happens if an item becomes out of stock by the time I purchase?

A.  Not a problem!  You have up to 1 month from the completion of your edesign service to receive a replacement suggestion should an item become out of stock.  Simply reach out and let us know.

Image by Kari Shea

Q.  What is required as a client of edesign?

A.  We're excited to work one-on-one with you to transform your home!  This is where you roll up your sleeves and prepare your space.  This may include the following: 


  • Deciding if you would like any of your existing furniture or décor to stay in the room.  If so, uploading measurements and pictures of these items (or website links if more recently purchased) is very helpful.  This way, we know to incorporate these items into your new design when we begin.

  • Measurements of your room, including windows, doors, moldings, fireplaces, heat/AC venting, outlets or any other fixed structures.  Don't fret, click on this PDF link for easy to read instructions on how to measure.  It also includes a graph paper print-out on the 2nd page so you can record your measurements.

  • If you opt for a "room board" over a "design board", we'll ask for multiple pictures of your room from different angles so we can choose one to mock up as a board.  Go ahead and click on this PDF link for some tips on photographing your room as well!

  • Purchasing the items from your final design with just a click.  We make it pretty easy!  We supply clients with a shopping list of direct links and details like color, material and size.  The best part is, it's all within your budget!*

  • Sweat equity.  That's right, you've got this!  Before the new furniture/décor arrives, you may want to update the bones like walls, flooring or electrical.  While you can certainly hire a local pro for these services, you can also save some money in your budget if needed, by painting or wallpapering yourself for example.  Feeling ambitious?  Certain flooring can be a DIY job as well for some.  In the event you would like to add lighting or outlets somewhere new in the space, this is strictly a job for the pros!  Hire a licensed electrician and save yourself a headache and/or a potentially dangerous situation!   

  • Last but not least, enjoy your professionally designed new space and brag to family and friends that you assisted in the transformation!

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