10 awesome social sharing plugins for WordPress

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Interactive Typography Effects with HTML5

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Animated Buttons with CSS3

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You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site.

What’s new for designers – Nov. 2011


The guys over at Web Designer Depot wrote a great article today. Every once a while they compile huge lists of resources for us designers to use. In today’s edition they have tools such as:

  • Cupcake Ipsum
  • Slidorion
  • Hoverizr
  • Rumbletalk
  • Axe
  • Monster Meltdown
  • Scale Tool
  • Compare Ninja
…and more

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How Clean is Your Web Design?

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[sm] Freebie: Twitter GUI PSD

Freebie: Twitter GUI PSD – Smashing Magazine.

Creative Review – London 2012 Olympic posters unveiled

A Brush With The Elegant Ampersand

“Ampersand is one of the very few typographical characters that has been a part of our daily lives since we can remember. It was the uniqueness of ampersand that made designers experiment with the design of ampersand. The end results at times were amazing while sometimes it was hard to recognize the outcome.”
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Columns and the Greatest Common Divisor

I was recently putting together some CSS for columns. There was a few pre-determined widths that the columns needed to accommodate. For whatever reason (maybe because every grid framework in the world is this way) my mind went right to trying to find a common building block size. All columns are either the size of one building block or a multiple of a building block with gutter widths added.

Courtesy of: CSS-Tricks